Manchester Cathedral has two sets of Prayers for special occasions from 2024. 


One of the series is Permanently on location at St. George’s church Chorley from July 2022. A big thank you to everyone for such a warm welcome. https://www.stgeorgechorley.co.uk/


Above image Image Courtesy of St. George’s church Chorley


Prayers: First series of 6 in which I am personally celebrating the 600th anniversary-Manchester Cathedral. https://www.manchestercathedral.org/about-us/600-anniversary/


This “Calls to prayer” QR code hub/holder was Sparked by Marcia Wall (Canon Precentor Deputy Safeguarding Coordinator of Manchester Cathedral) and her calls for prayer on Twitter during the lockdown covid pandemic. Entitled “Prayers” by Marcia. 


Like so many, I have  found myself with my smartphone in hand quietly wandering around places of worship as if I’m at nothing more than a tourist attraction. And not a prayer in mind. 


QR codes (quick response code) provide quick, easy access to online information through our smartphones and tablets without the usual language barriers. This piece is meant as an engaging QR code holder/hub. Codes fit between the hands. 

Atom’s cruciform at 
Manchester Cathedral 2022


Atom’s cruciform will be on exhibition in the Jesus chapel at Manchester Cathedral during Lent 2022 starting Wednesday 2nd March to Thursday 14th April. A big thank you to both Manchester Cathedral and Chetham’s library for making this possible. 

I am deeply honoured for this opportunity to share something of a spiritual journey. A passion. Hopefully an engaging platform for a wider discussion. 


Atom’s Cruciforms A3 Lent poster download

ATOMS cruciform 2022.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [5.3 MB]

Bread And Butter Heroes at The Manchester Open Exhibition 2022.  HOME https://homemcr.org/exhibition/manchester-open-exhibition-2022/


Bread And Butter Heroes.  https://www.boxroom17.net/artworks/20-1/


Atom’s cruciform.  In the beginning. 2021 

Permanently on location at Chetham's Library, Priests' Wing. 



Chetham’s Library. Long Millgate. Manchester. M3 1SB.



Festival of Libraries: A tour of Chetham's Library

Join Manchester writer Rosie Garland as she guides you through the libraries of Manchester, going behind the scenes with intimate tours and lots of fun along the way.



Faith On Tap 2021

On location at St. George’s church Chorley 2021 through 2022. A  big thank you to everyone for such a warm welcome. https://www.stgeorgechorley.co.uk/


St. George's church. Chorley. Rev. Michael Print with Faith On Tap. 9th August 2021.



Hope's Last Call


Hope’s Last Call on exhibit at Manchester Cathedral during lent starting from Wednesday, 26 February 2020.  And ends after lockdown.


A big thank you to all the volunteers and staff of the cathedral for their support in bringing this together. 



I’m not a religious person. More of a spiritual one? Maybe it’s this standing that has been the opening for people to express doubting faith in their latter years to me. Many say they believe there is something. And await a response.  I’d like to think life’s kicking would give me the edge on my younger self when it comes to this response. And it’s from this personal debate that Hope’s Last Call was set in motion. 


Artist’s statement 

What first set this piece in motion was reflecting back on the perspectives of my youth in relation to the well-lived-in ones I now inhabit. 

In my youth I was as cocksure as most about my world, believing it was the world.  And in my world, everyone who I cared for and who cared for me was just fine.  And you know not of any other way.  We were possibly immortal.  I was a young man of science/technology and held the firm view that God and faith all came under the same realms as Father Christmas and the tooth fairy.  


I wouldn’t say I’m a religious man now, perhaps more spiritual?  There are so, so many truths to life, often conflicting. So many perspectives, often conflicting.  And perhaps more so the older you get. 


I look back to my younger self and say, whatever your beliefs, when you find yourself holding the beating heart of someone’s wavering faith through their latter days, you become a guardian of their faith.  And you now truly understand what is meant by faith being hope’s last call.  And you hope.  And you hope.  And you fall to your knees and break into a million pieces.  And you fix your eyes firmly upon what is unseen. For what is seen, is temporary


We look not at what can be seen but at what cannot be seen;

for what can be seen is temporary,  but what cannot be seen

is eternal. (2 Corinthians 4.18)







Additional material

Hope’s Last Call & Eden


What you don’t yet see here is that the figure in Hope’s Last Call also forms part of another piece entitled Eden (by way of the figure) youthfully aflight.  Much like that of the earlier years I’m reflecting on in the Hope’s Last Call statement, above. 


For Eden, I was charged to utilise an earlier piece/structure entitled Totem for its primal sense as a backdrop for the figure. And for some unknown reason Picasso is pressing my buttons here.  In this depiction, the figure is seen to be above all concepts of divinity by way of casting aside his wings. Clenched fist in the air. 


From the outset I’d thought of both depictions (Hope’s Last Call & Eden) coming from one single figure that could be arranged to present both sides of the coin.  


The most challenging part of this project was creating one figure that could be true to two very different perspectives. 


The only holdup at the moment with the Eden setting is devising an unobtrusive attachment for the figure and totem that doesn’t impose upon the Hope’s Last Call setting.


Eden/backdrop awaiting figure and

wing attachment. Formally Totem.



The wheel of mourning.

The figure in Hope’s Last Call is much as I’d  intended to model the figures for The wheel of mourning until I was taken by the human casts of Pompeii. Both pieces are of a similar subject and setting as regards the stairway.

Further details here 17/1  Bottom of page.



Forsaken? psalm 22 

on exhibit again at Manchester Cathedral during lent starting from Wednesday, 26 February.  And ends on Thursday, 9 April. 2020.



On  exhibit at Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery from the 1st November to the 15th 2019.  A very big  thank you to all involved for the honour of exhibiting cenotaph in such a humbling location as this.  



Cenotaph 2016/17


Cenotaph came about through what I felt was a need to impose upon our divisions that the freedoms and charity we so brashly take as entitled came by way of united, incalculable loss and sacrifice.


Our freedoms were far from free.
And they are not maintenance free.


Being of the war documentaries era I have always been well aware of this. Utopia would have us whitewash over this history denying all the wisdom and harsh lessons to defend it. 


This hand engraved glass slide assemblage of mainly First and Second World War imagery is meant to honour all those who have stood, fought and died for the freedoms we now take as entitled. And bears witness to the unimaginable atrocities of those times.


Image copyright of



Stockport War Memorial Art Gallery has a long history of exhibitions from some of the art world's finest artists. Today the gallery boasts an extensive exhibition program, which now gives emerging artists a chance to showcase their work.




WiFi, a modern-day gargoyle is now on exhibition at Manchester Cathedral from 15th July 2019 for four weeks.  Now on Unspecified extended loan 2019/20


A big thank you to the Cathedral for championing this project.
Click for more detail. 


WiFi. Photographs copyright/courtesy of Harry Dobbs. 

Manchester Cathedral from 15th July 2019.


Little shrines in drawers.

No 37. Stockport Open Exhibition July 2019


A project by Micah Purnell & PassionArt with The Centre for Theology & Justice


The Centre for Theology and Justice have teamed up with PassionArt for a profound exploration of belonging, offering a creative approach to social, theological and justice issues. Working with graphic word artist Micah Purnell as our resident artist for 2018-19. https://ilongtobelong.co.uk



Forsaken? Psalm 22 




Having Faith


Having Faith on exhibit during lent at Bolton Parish Church 2019 from 11:30 am Thursday 14th March. https://www.boltonparishchurch.co.uk/





Forsaken? psalm 22


Three Art Exhibits at Manchester cathedral during lent 2019

Remember, by Stephen Raw
Loved and Lost by Simon Bray
Forsaken? psalm 22 by Philip Wharton



Faith On Tap 


December 2018

Manchester Cathedral in the Jesus chapel during Christmas and candle mass. As usual, a brilliant warm welcome from all. Thank you.





Pilgrims relic


Gifted to Manchester Cathedral

Manchester Cathedral 2018/ongoing.




This hand engraved assemblage of mainly First and Second World War imagery is meant to honour all those who have stood, fought and died for the freedoms we now take as entitled. And bears witness to the unimaginable atrocities of those times.


Our freedoms were far from free.

And they are not maintenance free.




Faith On Tap


Bolton Parish Church.

St. Peter, Bolton-le-Moors.2018.





Manchester Cathedral 2018.

Ash Wednesday

Sung Eucharist

With Imposition of ashes.


Philip Wharton.

I Just wanted to thank all involved for a beautifully heartfelt, moving service. Truly inspiring. The Choir was brilliant. Well orchestrated. Everyone’s hard work was well noted. Also I'd  like to thank Canon David Holgate and Canon Marcia Wall and others involved for the tremendous honour of presenting Forsaken? Psalm 22 in person during the Offertory. A little nervy for me but I hope my sincerity was well received.


A big thank you to everyone for their kind comment in the comments book at Manchester Cathedral. Especially Wendy from Manchester who wrote, 24/2 'so reassuring to know others feel this. A very deep touching piece which gives solace even reading its meaning'.


Manchester Cathedral publications on issuu.com






Dorothea and Axel Stockmar donate Sapling to 

ITIA. University of St Andrews.


Left. Professor Axel Stockmar.

Professor Sally Mapstone. Principal and Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the University of St Andrews.

Centre ( sapling )

Right. Dr Gavin Hopps. Senior Lecturer in Literature, Theology and Director of ITIA

Dorothea Stockmar. German writer and painter living in Celle and Berlin.







Image Courtesy of ITIA School of Divinity.

University of St Andrews ‘After the Call’ exhibition at Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Queens Terrace, St Andrews







Manchester cathedral 2016-17

Jesus chapel




Philip Wharton


1.A young tree, especially one with a slender trunk.

1.1. A young and slender or inexperienced person.


I remember well my sapling years.


Sapling was sparked by a few things I felt recently connected to.

Tracey Emin expressing on YouTube a passion to create her own

unique tree. A friend who (out of the blue) took to carving a figure from a tree

trunk. My time as a youth spent climbing endless trees, here



And most poignant of all is the heartfelt loss of a friend's young son

Cajus, son of Dorothia and Axel Stockmar.


I'd hope the presence of this piece is felt as one of pivotal

transition. From one state to another. One form to another.

A beginning, not an end.



You set out with a wave of ideas all demanding to be heard in their own unique way. And it's often not possible. So I set out to present a collective presence. And then from this presence you draw your own personal take.


Not everyone's take is intended. But

every sense of good will, peace and hope here is.


Very sincere best wishes. Philip




Faith On Tap


Manchester Cathedral Jesus Chapel May 27th to June 19th 2016






Sign of the times


Blast from the past.
Stockport art gallery open exhibition Saturday 9th July 1994