A Series of antiquity.  Sparks of a classical aesthetic 1

Mannequin maquette.  A matter of perspective


Mannequin maquette.
When we look at something like art,  what is it that we “believe” we are seeing? I say believe,  because everything is a matter of perspective. A matter of opinion.  A matter of light,  time,  and so on. 


All of these elements are in a constant state of flux.  As are we. 


So, it’s no wonder that we can never truly see eye to eye,  because we’re not all looking with the same mind. 


Take for example Dorothea Stockmars series of colourfully painted bras on canvas in which she uses them to convey an almost renaissance state.



Some,  like myself,  instantly picked up on the sense of motherly Rebirth. Hope. Whilst others saw the bra as a proposed sense of something else. 


The latter sparked me to produce this contemporary, yet classicised little figure entitled Mannequin Maquette that is meant to lend itself as a platform for a broader insight on perspective.  Your perspective. 


Whereas Dorothea uses the bra as a symbol of hope and rebirth, Mannequin Maquette poses the opposite end of this spectrum by positioning the bra strap over the stomach like a gaping wound as metaphor for the loss of a child.


We gather narrative through familiar perspectives. And only through insight do we broaden those perspectives.  Now what do you see?

Copy of an Etruscan/Roman votive phallus.

Medium/Portland cement slip cast. W13/H22/D13cm. Weight/2.252kg. 


Votive fertility figurines/eggs.

Medium/slip Cast in coloured Portland cement. Approximately/W5.5/H8/D4.5cm.


A  past without truth/2020

Just because the devil whistles a good tune doesn’t make it a bad tune. Throwing the baby out with the bath water and all that.  And this is what we are faced with.  We seek to completely eradicate our dislikes from history.  Then we have a past without truth. 


Freedom of speech and political correctness has become the anarchist’s playground,  pitting us off against each other. And we irresponsibly fuel this discord with our own  personal insecurities and dislikes negligent of the indiscriminate backlash we instigate.  

Medium/Portland cement.



Pencil/ink sketch


Two bowls of a Neolithic, archaeological aesthetic

Both Approximately/W12.5cm/D12.5cm/H4cm. Hand made from a grey Portland cement and fine white granite sand. Not moulded. For burning intense, sage.  


Approximately/Icarus W6cm/H14cm/D8cm/Cast in Portland cement slip.