World of indifference 1

Cenotaph 2016/17




Cenotaph came about through what I felt was a need to impose upon our divisions that the freedoms and charity we so brashly take as entitled came by way of united, incalculable loss and sacrifice.


Our freedoms were far from free.

And they are not maintenance free.


Being of the war documentaries era I have always been well aware of this. Utopia would have us whitewash over this history denying all the wisdom and harsh lessons to defend it. 


This hand engraved glass slide assemblage of mainly First and Second World War imagery is meant to honour all those who have stood, fought and died for the freedoms we now take as entitled. And bears witness to the unimaginable atrocities of those times.


During the Brexit debate I was beginning to question whether or not we would have the same united resolve and sacrifice to defend our rights and freedoms given our diverse nature. This doubt was allayed during the aftermath of Manchester's terror attack of 2017.


United in resolve,  communities stood side by side in defiance against a twisted ideology that took 22 of our dearly loved ones.


This mass gathering of unity was both profoundly uplifting and humbling. It was unifying and I felt so proud of them all. 


Their faith in each other is also honoured here in this piece. This was done by way of an arm bearing the bee tattoo reaching down through the cathedral wreckage to an outstretched arm bearing the heart of 22 at its centre.


Glass engraving detail of Manchester cathedral during Manchester blitz and present day rising from the ashes. 


Behind the scenes

Originally Cenotaph was meant to consist of three cubes lightly lit with flickering candle/firelight. During casting of the other two cubes, the Grenfell Tower fire broke out on 14 June 2017.


In light of this, Cenotaph would have resembled too closely that of the day. And in respect of this, Cenotaph remains as it was that day. One cube.


I suppose in some strange way, Grenfell is here also by way of omission. Everything is so much more interconnected than we care to believe.


This piece is now available and open to loan.

Proposals can be made via website Contact/links.

Packaging, freight and installation not covered by the artist although the artist could be available for installation and talk along with additional material.



Encased in 40cm Perspex cube



Lest we forget

Submission for  Stockport open art exhibition. Plaster. Life-size




Untitled for political reasons

This piece is very heavy and would take at least three to install. W95cm/H95cm/D12cm

Medium/wood/paint/white box frame glazed with toughened glass


Original sketch for Untitled for political reasons



The persecution 

Part two 0f Untitled for political reasons

From the very outset I felt that the persecuted character from Untitled for political reasons was a piece in itself and could so strongly hold something of a  resurrection sense about it if bound in linen cloth. Not final at all.

Medium/wood/linen cloth/painted




A merged perspective of humanity, worldly possessions, pets, livestock, and rubbled buildings. 8/9/2014

Medium/paint on canvas hardboard/glazed, oak frame. W98.5cmH52.5cm


Too Many/original sketch for Displaced 

Right side sketch for DisplacedEstimated size 330cmx 230cm


left side sketch idea for Displaced. Estimated size 330cmx 230cm


Arms of dark places

Often we seek refuge in the arms of dark places. And often the crime is what drove us there. What keeps us there may be something else. Seek out the strength of change and act bravely upon it. 




Damned if you do

This piece was sparked by the headlines relating to Tony Blair’s interview with CNN 2015.


The left feature is Tony Blair. And the right side is Saddam Hussein.

Its apposing profiles are meant to be nothing but that. Apposing profiles.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing! Hence the title: Damned if you do...



W29cm/H/33cm/D3 cm




Please don’t be fooled into believing (2015) is a slur on Mr Farage, his politics or supporters. It is meant to highlight the fruits of failing politics to seriously address widespread concerns here at grass roots in the uk. Grass roots, not ivory towers. 


We deny this again at our peril. 


The sniper character isn’t meant to stereotype one individual, but presents many divided simmering tensions.  And on the fence, social media peddling it’s irresponsible ranting in the guise of free  speech. And so on.











Nobody's child


I was walking down the highstreet and just ahead of other pedestrians was this lone pigeon desperate not to be stepped on. At first people were almost taken to kicking it until noticing it was hurt, then they almost become concerned. I know of a similar situation concerning rough sleepers, homeless and so on that we only afforded our compassion on their demise.


In this piece, the cold rough sleeper seeks refuge in a casket which represents the charity he would receive if he was found dead. Maybe!


A bit extreme I know, but for one reason or another these days it has to reach such a point to just warrant our attention let alone our compassion. And then it's short lived. I suppose with all the scammers around, we become a little cynical.


But let's not end on that note. If you're not sure but would like to help, maybe take a look at https://www.bigissue.org.uk/ Even buy it from a vendor from time to time.


Google organisations similar to http://www.barnabus-manchester.org.uk. Or http://www.shelter.org.uk/ and so on.





Sign of the times

Stockport open

Donated to Manchester Big Issue 1994