2020 Hear more of what you see



This 2020 award piece entitled  (2020 Hear more of what you see) was featured during my talk at Manchester Cathedral and handled by most of the audience that day. Surprisingly, references to the title were adopted by others during their presentation talk that day.


Three Art Exhibits at Manchester cathedral during lent 2019

Remember, by Stephen Raw
Loved and Lost by Simon Bray
Forsaken? psalm 22 by Philip Wharton



2020. Hear more of what you see

Hands modelled from the piece Having faith.

Limited Edition 1 of 1 specifically designed award piece for 2020. 

Hand made. Lost wax cast in solid Sheffield Pewter by P Wharton.

Weight 665 grams

W1106mm H1083mm D48mm Approximately

SN / 2 4 0 2 2 0 2 0 / 1 9


2021 award Living Water

Hope's Last Call/2020


Hope’s Last Call was intended to be on exhibition at Manchester Cathedral during lent 2020.  Due to COVID lockdowns,  it is still on location at the cathedral 2021.