Icarus. 2022 Award piece. Limited to 1


Cast in 2.32 kilograms of solid Sheffield pewter. 


Serial no 190921


Presence of their absence. MP3 music By P Wharton


Presence of their absence is a meandering process of discord and harmony.  Grief adrift  time if you like.  And all stems from the book The Wheel of Mourning by Dorothea Stockmar, German writer and artist.   


The pendulum Tempo is set at 60 and runs for just over seven minutes.  I’d hope that I have left  enough scope for others to occupy it with their own musical improvisations, thoughts and imagery of the given subject. 108 bars. Written on StaffPad for iPad.  Music score on request. 


Particular attention has been made to the soundscape of  instruments subtly resonating in the background of this piece.  And either headphones or a stereo system may better convey this.  Or add more bass and less treble as the reverb is cold and harsh.

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