World of indifference

WAR​ Truth isn’t all it’s made up to be.  

Some people, by their very nature, are war. And they forge others into war by circumstance.  


They Weaponise our Fears, prejudices and spirituality into factions of destruction against each other. And smite All who oppose their dictatorship. 


We will never be free from war, destruction and hatred as long as we allow these people within our OWN ranks to rule over us, our faiths, our hearts, our minds, our souls, fears and common sense.

If you want freedom and peace, It’s war against the war and hatred within. And the dictator within must fall. The alternative is a legacy of perpetual war and oppression on our children for millennia to come, if not worse. 


I happened upon Gandhi’s prayer for peace, and although It touches upon the very core of my nature and a path I have worn bare, I’ve have come to realise that peace must come from within. Judge not others before judging yourself and your own kind first. Peace, freedom and respect for everyone



I offer you peace

I offer you love

I offer you friendship

I see your beauty

I hear your need

I feel your feelings

My wisdom flows from the highest source

I salute that source in you

Let us work together

For unity and peace.