Retrospect. Early years 2

Just a colour?/from my youth


I happened upon this particular rich depth of colour that triggered a sense of  kindred familiarity I just can’t recall. 


I’ve many recollections of my very early childhood.  But memories only go as far as we clearly recall them. Then we are in the realms of myths and legends.  A friend said to me that Myths are where memories go when we forget them.  


Yet it is from these myths and legends of our past that many of our likes, loves, dislikes and (seemingly) irrational fears and hates were formed.


It’s strange having a sense of something that has no defined substance beyond that of how it makes you feel.  Much like love and sometimes hate. 

A kindred familiarity



 “Have you any works untitled?”


“More so in my early years. I now see art an illustration to the statement. A platform for the wider dialogue. And more often than not, now, it’s the title and statement that come first. These two become the sketches for the artwork."




A few of my lighting projects. All privately owned


All in private collections 

Mother and child

Mother and child sculpture carved from old railway sleeper was stolen 


Scrapbook sketches/projects



Inspired by the historic international sailing regatta taking place every year in the Gulf of Trieste on the second Sunday of October.


Medium/Wood/ply and fibreglass/bees wax polished/1/9/2014/17:35


Faith and props

Whereabouts unknown




“Who is your favourite artist?”


“...I find it changes as do I. So many.  But I'm amazed by the ingenuity, drive, passion and vastness of the German artist Anselm Kiefer. Such scale is amazing.



faild submissions for a sculpture park. Faild in the sense of I didn't submit them.

Reverence/very early work


Although in two parts, they are meant to be placed side by side an inch apart. The left part is an almost mythical, heraldic youthful phoenix of sorts representing earth. And the left part, the holy mother representing heaven/spirit. Both bow in sincere reverence to each other.

Constructed in two separate parts. The heaven and earth expanse becomes instantly bridged by their sincere reverence. It’s a pity we can't more draw together in reverence of our positive, greatest achievements. And build on them together to bridge our differences.


Approximate dimensions of each piece.



Early year

Earlier days

Ink wash

Rock FM

Whereabouts unknown