World of indifference 2

Now We Are Free

This brutalist structure in cement was sparked by a sketch that instantly came to mind whilst listening to Now we are free from gladiator by Hans Zimmer. Sung by Czarina Russel.



During the construction of this piece I was strangely wary not to take on board the film in fear I may elaborate. And still I haven’t seen the film.


What did contribute to the presence of this piece was my response to something a friend once said. “ We are often not as we would like to be, but as others make us.” 


Maybe so, but not everyone was party to your making. There is good and bad on all sides. It’s our efforts that are often misplaced and party to our demise. Endeavour to tread kindly for yourself if not others.



Medium/Portland cement.

Polished plaster type finish.



Music of inspiration.

Now we are free by Hans Zimmer. Sung by Czarina Russel.