Hope’s last call/Phoenix


Serial no 1PW1819 
Cast in solid Sheffield Pewter.
Weight 970 grams.

Limited edition 1 of 1

In private US collection



Left wing, although a spin-off piece from Hopes Last Call, I always thought of the wing as a piece in itself. And has more of a Rebirth than a loss about it.  Hence Hope’s Last Call/Phoenix.

Hope’s Last Call


The right wing ( image below ) came into being thanks to a commission of sorts from Michael Molloy of  NJ USA. And would not have come into being without his passion and support for a pair of wings.  Many  thanks for the photograph below of them in their new home with you. 



 Above image curtesy of Michael Molloy. In Private collection. New Jersey US. 


Right wing/2020
Serial no 1pw310120
Cast in solid Sheffield Pewter

Weight 1.440 grams 

 No  1 0f 2. In private US collection


Samos/ITIA student award piece 2024

Right side Stamped/Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; Left side stamped/ remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. Epicurus.




Cast in solid Sheffield Pewter

Weight 1.322kg
Limited edition of 1

Serial number 1606x2019x1301


Isabella/ITIA student award piece 2025

Isabella. 050619

Medium/Solid Sheffield pester
Process/lost wax cast
Weight/1.462 kg



Hope's last call figure in solid Sheffield pewter 

​                                             Whereabouts unknown. Lost.



Hear more of what you see/ ITIA student award piece 2020

Cast from the hands of Having Faith.

Lost wax cast in solid Sheffield Pewter

Weight 665 grams

W1106mm H1083mm D48mm Approximately

SN 24022020/19



Part of the continuing series of The wheel of mourning.

Medium/solid pewter 1.948kg. Alost 2 kilograms.


W871mm/H1064 mm/Depth 923mm

In private collection

Presence of their absence

This little figure from The wheel of mourning/bereft (below) was my way of expressing the presence of absence emotionally. But it has been taken so fondly to heart by so many as a symbol of loving memory. And a loving presence at hand.


I am no authority on bereavement beyond that of my own experience but I believe much of our past rituals and beliefs were.


The need for ritual and beliefs are hard wired as a condition of our nature. And we rationalise them by way of continually re-branding. Or until the day we psychologically sanitise to the point of psychosis.


Who needs Christmas, Father Christmas and the tooth fairy? Other brands of hope, good will and magic are available!


I endeavour to draw from between the lines of our beliefs and rituals to present a more faithful human experience. One that is felt more than understood.


This piece runs along side The wheel of mourning/bereft and cenotaph.


91 grams of solid pewter

Limited edition of 24

Base number stamped



The Wheel of Mourning/Bereft



Love is love/and mould in the care of Students' Association. St Mary's Place. St Andrews.

This simple little enigma is entitled “love is love” and was sparked by

The love, Work, And tragic end to the Second World War enigma codebreaker Alan Turing.


The Love.

I’ve read many times that Alan Turing never got over the death of his first love, Christopher, who died aged 19. And back in those days, to act upon such love in the U.K. was a criminal offence.



Moving along the line, during the Second World War, Alan’s contributions towards breaking the enigma codes were pivotal. And saved thousands, if not millions, of lives.  Potentially shortening the war by as much as two years.


Some time after the Second World War, Alan came to live and work in Manchester, and it’s here the law caught up with a relationship he was having at the time with a younger man. Alan Turing was charged and presented with either a prison sentence or chemical castration. He opted for chemical castration.


And tragic end.

Two years later he was found dead in his bed beside a part eaten apple laced with cyanide. It was believed he took his own life. Alan Turing died in 1954, 16 days before his 42nd birthday.


What brings this home to me is my family has been affected by suicide. I also have friends who have been affected by suicide and attempted suicide.


What brings this here to you in 2021 is this statement from https://www.papyrus-uk.org which says, “Suicide is the biggest killer of under 35s in the U.K.”


We have all come through this COVID pandemic both mentally and physically different. Just don’t forget to reach out if you need to, as there is an army of people out there on your side waiting to help you through this. https://www.papyrus-uk.org


And for the rest,  just don’t forget time to be kind. You may just save someone’s life.

Part eaten apple stamped Enigma.

Medium/Solid Pewter weighing 551 grams.


Number 1 of 1

Base stamped (A M T ) beside (25 8 17) Manchester gay pride 2017.

Love Is Love



Love is love wedding ring tray in resin.

Ring tray is meant to be held by the ring bearer/s at the altar.


Medium/Ivory colour cast resin


Weighing 301 grams


Half part eaten apple in resin.