Sacrum lumen. Sacred light 

Pilgrims' relic


Permanently located at Manchester Cathedral



Strange as it may seem from a (so-called) none believer that it so deeply saddens me to hear of a good lifelong believer starting to doubt in their faith. I so much want to assure them. But I cannot. So I lend a shoulder to lean on and say nothing of my own standing on such issues.


This piece is in response to such persons of latter years. And a couple who lost children.


Pilgrims' relic started out as a sort of rosary. It’s meant to be handled. Pondered upon. And represents faiths mortal journey. From beginning to end. I suppose the key elements to this piece are the head of the virgin mother haloed at the top of the cross structure.


The bundled figure lower down represents baby Jesus wrapped in Swaddling clothes and the body of Jesus bound in linen cloth held firm to the cross. And most poignant, the skeletal mortal presence in its every challenging twist and turn that is the pilgrims' relic of the people who sparked this piece.


Pilgrims' relic does have a sense of the nativity about it. And this is probably due to a couple of occasions where people have expressed loosing faith due to the loss of a child.


Gifted to Manchester Cathedral 2018





Manchester cathedral.  Jesus chapel during Royal visit. 

Prince William attends memorial service.