ITIA students award prize.


Each year I create a sponsored student award prize artwork in pewter for The Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts (ITIA) University of St Andrews.  Each award piece is an iteration of  my  most recent work at that time. Since 2019. 


2024 Samos

2023  Oculus.

2022  Icarus.

2021  Living water.

2020  Hear more of what you see.

2019  Cocoon.


Samos. 2024

Right side Stamped/Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not. Left side stamped/ remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. Epicurus


Cast in solid Sheffield Pewter

Weight 1.322kg
Limited edition of 1

Serial number 1606x2019x1301

Oculus. 2023

Cast in solid Sheffield pewter. Approximate Weight 1.688 kilograms. Width 13cm. Height 5cm. Depth 13cm. s/n ITIA  23 PW 


This simple, unassuming little form was hand crafted from the remnants of votive and church candles using just a hot spoon, knife and lit candle. Then lost wax cast in solid Sheffield pewter.  A furtherance of the artwork “Prayers” also by P Wharton. (Entitled “Prayers” by Canon Marcia Wall, Canon Pastor at Manchester Cathedral. 2022).


Icarus. 2022


Icarus was specifically created for The Institute for Theology, Imagination and the Arts (ITIA) University of St Andrews by P Wharton. A sponsored Student Award Prize since 2019. P. W. Each award piece is an iteration of  Wharton’s most recent works at that time. This being from the sculpture Having Faith. 

Cast from the Reworked/Prototype head for the artwork Having Faith 2022 (below). This prototype was presented to Canon David Holgate of Manchester Cathedral on his retirement the same year as this  student award. One career ends as another begins. 


Prototype/Medium/Grey resin/Approximate/W12cm/H16.5cm//D12cm Weight/399g-SN 3/3/2020/20:53

Icarus working clay prototype.

Having Faith


Living Water 2021  Prototype in background . Prototype in private collection.

Living Water is a reworked (left) wing section from an earlier piece entitled Hope’s Last Call. 


Given the purpose of this piece I couldn’t help being very mindful of all the students in lockdown (2020) planning their future. And that of the student who will be receiving this piece. Who and where are they now during lockdown?


Similar to an earlier piece entitled Phoenix, this piece also took on that perspective. A perspective of getting back up stronger than you went down. And The Samaritan woman at the well is to thank for the title.



Dr Gavin Hopps is Senior Lecturer in Literature and Theology, and Director of ITIA wrote, 

Living Water ‘Its beauty -- in both iterations -- robs me of speech. As with so much of your work, its delicate and elegantly flowing forms have an understated suggestiveness that is all the more powerful for their referential reserve. I absolutely love it.’



Hope’s Last Call. 

Hear more of what you see. 2020

Cast from the hands of Having Faith.

Lost wax cast in solid Sheffield Pewter/Approximate Weight 665 grams/W1106mm/H1083mm D48mm Approximately/SN 24022020/19


Sketch for the artwork Having Faith. 

Cocoon. 2019

Lost wax cast in 755 grams of solid Sheffield pewter/Dated 011118 ITIA/Approximately W9.2cm/H5.8cm/D5.3cm

As with the artwork entitled Sapling from which this piece was sparked, it's presence is one of transition. Awakening.  A rebirth.  Influences of Henry Moore.