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Bread And Butter Heroes / Martha


Working clay model of Martha


Often I’ve heard it said that "Eaten bread is soon forgotten". So here is Bread And Butter Heroes /Martha to keep us all mindful of all those to whom we owe so much.


During my 7 days Covid isolation (2020), neighbours were being very neighbourly and  I got to reflecting on my childhood. My mother had fallen on hard times and this little old lady called Martha took my mother, myself and my sister under her wing. Back then we lived in a cold, damp highrised flat in Bolton, with hardly any furniture. No electricity. A busted front door with no lock on it. And the only light was that of the gas stove where we gathered for heat, toast with dripping. Martha used to bring us damaged fruit and biscuits from the market that the stall owners were discarding at the end of the day. Martha had very little, and without hesitation she shared it.  


I’m gifted in as much as I’ve been party to many kind deeds throughout my life. And I like to believe they live on through me as I pass along those kind deeds. This is a tribute to all our kind deeds. All our Bread And Butter Heroes. Our daily bread. The people at grass roots 24/7 keeping us from going under. You know who you are! 

Thank you! 

Come rain or shine. 7 days a week. 


Bread And Butter Heroes / Martha


All we seem to desire by getting what we want, is more.

The desire to share is more filling and less fattening. PW/Martha.


Bread And Butter Heroes
Medium/Portland cement /plywood base




Manchester Open Exhibition 2022 HOME 


Medium/Portland cement. Approximately/W10cm/H20.5/D10cm.