Shrine of sorts

Whether it be collectables, deities, things. Have yours included 



These 3 statues were in the reception area of the dentist we went to yesterday. Left to right: 1st guy - Phước. His name means all the rewards we receive for living a good life (we can't think of the right word in English). Middle guy. Lộc - His name means luck. 3rd guy. Thọ - His name means longevity.



Thanks again Tram and Matthew from Vietnam. 




Images copyright Tram and Matthew.Vietnam.




Thank you so much Dorotheaand Axel Stockmar from Berlin for sharing such a personal, heartfelt part of your life.


Images copyright Dorotheaand Axel Stockmarfrom Berlin.




little shrines in drawers. P. Wharton


Every item in this two drawer assemblage holds deep rooted sentiment in all its stages. From childhood to 2016.


What sparked this piece was the deep sense of betrayal some of these items can impose just thinking about passing them on. It’s one of the many stages I’ve heard people go through.


It hurts as much to keep them as it would to give them away. So we put them away. Until…


I suppose eventually down the line sentiment eases or value becomes a lifeline. Or you die.


My friend once said looking at a collection of thimbles in a charity shop “She was a lovely lady.” meaning the owner had recently died.


Working in charity shops I’ve seen this many times. And much needed funds for good causes are raised from it. That’s a plus.


All said, I was torn at first using personal items in this way.

But when it was done I was fine with It.




Wall or free standing



Thank you, Tram and Matthew from Vietnam for these photographs and description ofÔng Địa, the god of land and ông Thần Tài, the god of wealth. Full name: bàn thờ Ông Địa và Thần Tài


Images copyright Tram and Matthew.Vietnam




My little shrine.