Ryuji Goto


I was born in Japan, a self-taught painter and craft maker. I have been selling my art and craft work at local artisan markets since I have started to spend more time as a full time artist a few years ago.


I like the words ' Mixed Media' : I have been trying to express in as many various ways as possible.


My ultimate dream artwork would be the cave paintings by prehistoric humankind, desire to create something tangible for a practical reason or for a sake of joy of shaping images and not be satisfied with just hunting, eating and sleeping.


I am also a Buddhist married to a Christian, I cherish the amalgamation and hope that my artwork manages to show the essence of it too.



Mask no. 132 & 133 : Stag beetle and Tengu (a Japanese folklore mountain goblin)



Harvest Festival in Japan

Stockport Open Art Exhibition 2019