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Aspects of Black 2020

A moving perspective by Dorothea Stockmar and her husband Axel Stockmar

Aspects of black: to love (or not to love) black


Manchester Cathedral is hosting Aspects of Black on their website here:

Sign of Hope

“Faith, and that of others is all we have“


As individuals, each one of us is unique – and accordingly, so are our strategies coping withcrisis. From time to time we may discover solace in a piece of art.


What touches me most with the art of Philip Wharton is the fact that it is representing an unbelievable amount of hope. Hope which wants to be explored especially during times like this when our every-day-life seams to fall out of control. While some people feel displaced and unconnected to this world Philip finds help in expressing through art. The Artist makes us discover Minerva (Menrefa) an Etruscan goddess related to wisdom and arts and whose name comes from the Latin word manas, consciousness, or mens.


While going with the flow Philip’s art breaks through the level of consciousness revealing trust and hope. “Having faith,” Philip mentioned, “isn’t always 24CT gold sunlight. Faith, and that of others is all we have. “


When I asked Philip what hope does mean to him, in terms such as colour, shape and sound I felt positively enlightened by what he did say:


If hope had a colour, it would be white. The colour of an artwork by myself, entitled “Night Owl”. 

If hope could be touched, it would be the raw material of my art permitting myself to be happy as it was wished for me. 

If hope had a shape, it would be my latest work.


If hope had a smell, it would be that of freshly cut grass and fresh air. 


If hope had a sound, it would be the sound of rustling leaves on a hot summer’s evening. 


If hope could move, it would be laid back and have loads of time.


If hope could have a temperature, it would be a relaxing warm soak in the bath. 


Hope is the light around darkness waiting. If there is a Rosetta Stone as such to all this, it was my artwork, as it knew where I was when I didn’t.



Philip Wharton wrote ‘Hi Dorothea, It’s amazing how we are so far apart. Different cultures yet our humanity bridges any and all boundaries.  This is hope.  Our work is a bridge of hope.  Me at one end. You at the other.  And we meets in the middle.’

Excerpt from:

“The Wheel of Mourning / From Grief to Relief” by Dorothea Stockmar

ISBN 978-3-940781-76-5 edition bodoni (2016)




Staff at The International School Hannover Region, Hannover, Germany welcoming one of Yoko Ono's  4.000 hand-engraved bell for peace from the MIF2019 to its new home. This was kindly gifted by Dorothea and

 Axel Stockmar. 


Lyrics: A. + D.  Stockmar

Music: Luci van Org + Hauke Scholten



MP3 audio file [3.8 MB]


Lyrics: Dorothea  Stockmar

Music: Luci van Org



"Reifen Sie schon oder altern Sie noch?"


Wer greift begreift- Bildhafte Worte klingende Saiten


Ach diese Menschen – Ansichten eines Hundes


Exciting new works from Dorothea Stockmar 2019 


Group exhibition



Dorothea Stockmar – What does the fabric connect? Mixed media on canvas, 80x60 cm, 2019
Immersed in colours and shapes
Grows together
What appeared temporally and spatially separated.




Dorothea Stockmar – Is there any problem? Mixed media on canvas, 40x40 cm, 2019





Dorothea Stockmar - Matrix, Mixed media on leather skin, 32x28 cm, 2018





Dorothea Stockmar – obviously, mixed media on canvas, 100x70 cm, 2019




And here you may see the trailer of the Perfect Black (Das perfekte Schwarz) with English subtitles:


Dorothea Stockmar



German writer and painter living in Celle and Berlin


Death and grief counsellor focusing on symbolic-creative impulses for healing grief


Trained in the field of Art Therapy

Many years of experience in the hospice


iIternship at a Buddhist hospice in Japan

Seminars on subjects such as: “When Symbols

of Grief turn into Symbols of Hope”, “The

Wheel of Mourning – From Grief to Relief”

Processed personal grief after youngest

child’s sudden death by painting and writing:

“Like a wave from another shore – After-

Death Communication between Art and

Psychotherapy” (co-author: J. Grodhues)


Since 2005 exhibitions and mixed media

installations in Germany and Great Britain

in churches, monasteries, galleries, offices,

public spaces, titles such as:

“Art here too”, “Art comes, Art goes – Art

connects”, “And the Sky was blue”,

“Great wide World inside”, “In another Light”,

“Along the Way”

Documentation of exhibitions under

“Paintings in motion 1 + 2”

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