Dorothea Stockmar



Staff at The International School Hannover Region, Hannover, Germany welcoming one of Yoko Ono's  4.000 hand-engraved bell for peace from the MIF2019 to its new home. This was kindly gifted by Dorothea and

 Axel Stockmar. 


Lyrics: A. + D.  Stockmar

Music: Luci van Org + Hauke Scholten



MP3 audio file [3.8 MB]


Lyrics: Dorothea  Stockmar

Music: Luci van Org



"Reifen Sie schon oder altern Sie noch?"


Wer greift begreift- Bildhafte Worte klingende Saiten


Ach diese Menschen – Ansichten eines Hundes


Exciting new works from Dorothea Stockmar 2019 


Group exhibition



Dorothea Stockmar – What does the fabric connect? Mixed media on canvas, 80x60 cm, 2019
Immersed in colours and shapes
Grows together
What appeared temporally and spatially separated.




Dorothea Stockmar – Is there any problem? Mixed media on canvas, 40x40 cm, 2019





Dorothea Stockmar - Matrix, Mixed media on leather skin, 32x28 cm, 2018





Dorothea Stockmar – obviously, mixed media on canvas, 100x70 cm, 2019




And here you may see the trailer of the Perfect Black (Das perfekte Schwarz) with English subtitles:


Dorothea Stockmar



German writer and painter living in Celle and Berlin


Death and grief counsellor focusing on symbolic-creative impulses for healing grief


Trained in the field of Art Therapy

Many years of experience in the hospice


iIternship at a Buddhist hospice in Japan

Seminars on subjects such as: “When Symbols

of Grief turn into Symbols of Hope”, “The

Wheel of Mourning – From Grief to Relief”

Processed personal grief after youngest

child’s sudden death by painting and writing:

“Like a wave from another shore – After-

Death Communication between Art and

Psychotherapy” (co-author: J. Grodhues)


Since 2005 exhibitions and mixed media

installations in Germany and Great Britain

in churches, monasteries, galleries, offices,

public spaces, titles such as:

“Art here too”, “Art comes, Art goes – Art

connects”, “And the Sky was blue”,

“Great wide World inside”, “In another Light”,

“Along the Way”

Documentation of exhibitions under

“Paintings in motion 1 + 2”

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