Prayers: First series of 6 in which I am personally celebrating the 600th anniversary-Manchester Cathedral. https://www.manchestercathedral.org/about-us/600-anniversary/


This “Calls to prayer” QR code hub/holder was Sparked by Marcia Wall (Canon Precentor Deputy Safeguarding Coordinator of Manchester Cathedral) and her calls for prayer on Twitter during the lockdown covid pandemic. Entitled “Prayers” by Marcia. 


Like so many, I have  found myself with my smartphone in hand quietly wandering around places of worship as if I’m at nothing more than a tourist attraction. And not a prayer in mind. 


QR codes (quick response code) provide quick, easy access to online information through our smartphones and tablets without the usual language barriers. This piece is meant as an engaging QR code holder/hub. Codes fit between the hands. 



Medium/Portland cement






Medium/Portland cement