A.K.A. Alex Werner




Cenotaph 2016/17


Cenotaph came about through what I felt was a need to impose upon our divisions, that the freedoms and charity we so brashly take as entitled came by way of united, incalculable loss and sacrifice.


Our freedoms were far from free.

And they are not maintenance free.


Being of the war documentaries era, I have always been well aware of this. Utopia would have us whitewash over this history denying all the wisdom and harsh lessons to defend it. 


This hand engraved assemblage of mainly First and Second World War imagery is meant to honour all those who have stood, fought and died for the freedoms we now take as entitled. And bears witness to the unimaginable atrocities of those times.


During the Brexit debate, I was beginning to question whether or not we would have the same united resolve and sacrifice to defend our rights and freedoms given our diverse nature. This doubt was allayed during the aftermath of Manchester's terror attack  of 2017. United in resolve, all communities stood side by side in defiance of the twisted ideology that took 22 of our dearly loved ones.


This mass gathering of unity was both profoundly uplifting and humbling. It was unifying and I felt so proud of them all. 


Their faith in each other is also honoured here in this piece. This was done by way of an arm bearing the bee tattoo reaching down through the cathedral wreckage to an outstretched arm bearing the heart of 22 at its centre.




Measures 30cm square.

Medium: resin, glass, pewter.

Encased in 40cm Perspex cube.

Love is love.


This solid pewter piece weighing in at 551 grams is meant as a tribute to Alan Mathison Turing, whose housekeeper famously found the 41-year-old mathematician dead in his bed, with a half-eaten apple on his bedside table.. Alan Mathison Turing was Pivotal in securing the freedoms we now take as entitled.

Love Is Love.





Part eaten apple stamped Enigma.

Solid Pewter weighing 551 grams.

7.73mm x 6.25mm x 3.67mm

Number 1 of 1

Base stamped (A M T ) beside (25 8 17) Manchester gay pride 2017.

Love Is Love.




A tribute to Alan Mathison Turing.

Love is love. Wedding ring tray.



Love is love. Wedding ring tray.

  Live and love for me.

Ring tray is meant to be held by the ring bearer/s at the altar.

Medium/ Ivory colour cast resin.

Measures 12.2cm x 12.2cm x 5.3cm.

Weighing 301 grams.



The presence of their absence.




This piece runs along side wheel of mourning and cenotaph.

91 grams of solid pewter.

Limited edition of 24.

7.25mm x 3.74mm x 1.41mm.


The Wheel of Mourning/Bereft



When I was asked by Dorothea Stockmar, German writer and artist, if I would be interested in producing a work around her latest book The Wheel of Mourning, I was charged by the presence of a bereft family dynamic. A mother, a father and a sibling. Three estranged wheels of mourning frozen in time, not unlike the human casts of Pompeii, from which I took inspiration for these forms.

It's hoped that this piece is deeply engaging on more of an unconscious level than a conscious one.

I took the first three elements/spokes of Dorothea's Wheel of Mourning and formed them into a 'Grief-stricken' mother, 'Displaced' sibling, and an 'Exhausted' father as these elements are so solidly cast by my own personal experiences.


Although, the whole piece is far more complex than that. It's layered emotionally in form and motion beyond my explanation in parts. And it's that which so relatedly touches home.

Their ever-present absence.

Personally, I find this beautiful piece so poetically heartbreaking, as I do the human casts of Pompeii.


The human condition. We live. We die. We?

Width 70 cm

Height 50 cm

Depth 70cm

Medium/wood/air drying clay/fibreglass/casting resin/ copper/paint/varnish.


DOROTHEA STOCKMAR. About. • German writer and painter living in Celle and Berlin. • death and grief counsellor focusing on symbolic-creative impulses for healing grief. • trained in the field of Art Therapy.


“Dorothea Stockmar’s book of symbols reflecting grief is the
fruit of her being both artist and bereaved mother. It is full of
helpful insights. When grief is unspeakable in words,
common symbols and metaphors can help to express
personal anguish and, sometimes, give glimpses of future
hope. Dorothea’s chosen symbols voice her own experience
and are deeply meaningful. They will also prompt each
reader to reflect on their own unique collection of symbolic
images of loss and hope. The book can itself be a compass
and companion on the long and arduous journey of grief.”
Dr. Margaret Brearley



Where to purchase The Wheel of Mourning-Grief-Relief by Dorothea Stockmar:




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