Although in two parts, they are meant to be placed side by side an inch apart. The left part is an almost mythical, heraldic youthful phoenix of sorts representing earth. And the left part, the holy mother representing heaven/spirit. Both bow in sincere reverence to each other.

Constructed in two separate parts. The heaven and earth expanse becomes instantly bridged by their sincere reverence. It’s a pity we can't more draw together in reverence of our positive, greatest achievements. And build on them together to bridge our differences.


Approximate dimensions of each piece.


In private collection.


Contemporary object



Sparked by Gustave Courbet’s The Origin of the World
Approximate dimensions



In private collection.

“...I do have preferred materials and methods, but I don’t let them stand in the way of what should be. That can be a real headache, as I am trying to achieve my usual standard from the outset with unfamiliar materials and practices, yet still get it right the first time round.“


In private collection.

A past life.




A few of my lighting projects. All privately owned.



Damned if you do...


This piece was sparked by the headlines relating to Tony Blair’s interview with CNN 2015.


The left feature is Tony Blair.
And the right side is Saddam Hussein.

Its apposing profiles are meant to be nothing but that. Apposing profiles.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing!
Hence the title: Damned if you do...



W29cm/H/33cm/D3 cm







Please don’t be fooled into believing (2015) is a slur on Mr Farage, his politics or supporters. It is meant to highlight the fruits of failing politics to seriously address widespread concerns here at grass roots in the uk. Grass roots, not ivory towers. 


We deny this again at our peril. 


The sniper character isn’t meant to stereotype one individual, but presents many divided simmering tensions.  And on the fence, social media peddling it’s irresponsible ranting in the guise of free  speech. And so on.







In private collection.


Wet paint


The birth of a museum exhibit.


This piece marks the birth of the artist. Their seminal work/s. And the birth of a museum exhibit after their passing in a death mask format.


Morbid, maybe but the draft for such a piece came from fragments of  



Tracey Emin’s own youtube reflections of such issues.

This piece was unbelievably instant throughout its conception regarding its presence, meaning, construction and presentation. Very specific.





White And Blue


White And Blue
White And Blue By P Wharton. Full colour high resolution poster download.
white and blue copy 2.jpg
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“Who is your favourite artist?”

“...I find it changes as I do. At this moment, it’s a German artist by the name of Anselm Kiefer.